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Principal's Message

From the Desk of the Principal:

My name is Ricky White and I will be proudly serving as the new principal of the newly named Dennis Elementary School (formally known as Bishopville Primary School).


 As your principal, my primary mission is to develop a culturally rich environment where parents want to send their children, students feel safe and want to achieve, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work.  This kind of environment can only be realized with a commitment to forming meaningful relationships where everyone is valued and encouraged. Within this safe place, students and staff operate both independently and collaboratively, take risks, support the vision, and rise above expectations.


Again, Iā€™m honored to be a part of such a great school as Dennis Elementary. I look forward to forging strong relationships with the staff, students, and families that make our school such a special place. Together, we can continue the forward movement of Dennis Elementary and set the new standard for excellence in academics.



Ricky White