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Principal's Message

With enthusiasm, passion, and drive, I begin my 4th year with you, my Dennis family. I know greatness lives in and comes out of Lee County. At Dennis, we are destined to ensure our students achieve excellence and opportunities to let their greatness shine bright. I have a vested interest in the students, staff, and Lee community to see our students excel in all aspects.
Our students remain our top priority and at the forefront of our work. We understand the work of school improvement, and reaching our goals takes all of us working together. We must know that our students are why we do what we do each day. Our students must know we are working together and are committed to achieving excellence. A new year is a unique opportunity to take what we have learned and build upon it to create new learning and successes. Our vision statement, “As a community of partners, we will promote unique talents and empower ALL students to strive for academic excellence,” embodies our purpose. Every student, staff, parent, and community member has talents that will enable us to meet the evolving needs of our school. It will take us collaborating positively to meet the needs of our students and school community.

The 2023-2024 school creed/motto is “Where Excellence Happens.” Together with our students, staff, parents, and community, we will make excellence happen. We remain committed to positive relationships to aid our students in achieving their goals. At Dennis, our shared beliefs capture our devotion to our student’s academic, social, and emotional needs to increase academic achievement. We must all share these beliefs to ensure our students receive rigorous educational experiences that propel them to the next level. Whether you teach or support those who teach, you play a vital role and are an intricate part of the work of Dennis Elementary. At Dennis, we are our school’s owners and must have PRIDE in all we do!

Join me by pledging to be an active part of our school community, where students are our priority, as you offer your strengths, learn from others, demonstrate and instill pride in our school, and invest in the work within our walls. What is best for our students will take hard work and dedication, but we achieve much more when working together. Are you ready? Your input, feedback, and voice matter. We are on this educational journey together and need each other for Dennis to be a school of excellence. With our exceptional students, staff committed to lifelong learning, supportive parents, and engaged community, we will pursue excellence in all we do. Ultimately, our students will reap the benefits of our joint and united efforts.

As Principal of Dennis Elementary, students will continue to be my “why” in an environment of teaching and learning, emphasizing learning. It is my esteemed honor to serve each of you. I remain dedicated to leading with respect and humility while growing alongside the best teachers, students, staff, parents, and community with an immense love for the place I call home. At Dennis Elementary, we will continue to shine bright as we make excellence happen!

With Dennis Pride,
LaToya Boyd